New Ombre’ Styles for 2014

New Ombre' Styles for 2014

The Ombre’ is rocking out more than ever in 2014. New and exciting colors are being born! How freeing is it to be able to experiment with color in our hair, its like kindergarden all over again.


Who are we and why are we here?

Hello, my name is Crystal and I am a blogger for P&R VirginRemy Hair. We are a community of stylist that would like to reach out to woman who don’t understand the whole hair extension life style. Its important that we learn what peoples perspectives are and provide as much education as we can. Hair is becoming a huge way of life for a lot of people and It is our duty to be a source of knowledge and fun for you all! Image

Get your new blog off to a great start (Hint: we can help!)

This is great advice for new and seasoned bloggers! Check it out.

The Blog

Publishing a blog can be tons of fun, and a great way to make friends and create opportunities. Starting one couldn’t be easier: sign up, pick a theme, and off you go. But maintaining one and building an audience? That takes a little more work — publishing regularly and engaging with the rest of the blogging community.

To make sticking to your 2014 blogging resolution easy and fun, we’re introducing a way to stay on top of your blogging goals. Whether you’re a brand-new blogger looking to make a splash, hope to return to a tumbleweed-strewn site you started long ago, or just want to introduce a little regularity to your blog, we’re here to help you get there.

Now, when you register a new blog, you’ll be able to pick a posting goal of weekly or monthly:

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If you’ve already got a blog, you can head to your account…

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Wigs Rock?!

It is said that a wig is an embarrassing hair piece, and to wear one is a sure sign of baldness. Lately the wig has cleared its name, it has become a trendy not easily detected hair option. Wigs have even been branded in catchy phrases such as “let me lay my wig child” which means let me do my hair lol. There are varieties of wigs as well, you can go with the traditional cover up, or half or even a third 😂 it’s all up to you! So until next time…get you wigs laid child!


Why Virgin Hair is so Popular!

The Virgin Hair epidemic is sweeping the nation. No longer do woman drive to there local beauty supply store to purchase human hair. They instead are seeking out suppliers of the unprocessed virgin hair! The difference between the two is in the root word Virgin ☺️ this means the hair has no chemical processing and comes straight from the donors head to yours 😆 The hair is soft and last 10x longer than your normal beauty supply brand. We will watch as this unfolds, but to help you out we have discovered a virgin brand that we stand firmly behind! Visit the link