The 10 Rules of weave wearing!

1. Do not use weave to cover up who you really are!

2. Do not wear uncontrollable weave, it defeats the purpose…AND PEOPLE WILL RUN FROM YOU

3.Do not neglect weave and leave it hanging, because it will do the same to you..

4. Do not abuse weave and leave it ratchet! Nobody has time for that…

5. Give it life or let it go….Meaning your weave should move! 

6. There should  be volume! Flat weave is a curse..

7. If your ends are  ever ratty, cut them off!

8.  It is wise to seek a professional stylist, so that your weave will be snacthed!

9. Do not lie and say your weave is human hair when it is not!

10. Do not pay for or wear CHEAP WEAVE!!!!

Keep these rules and have fabulous weave! Do not…..well you will see…hhahahahahahahahaaaa *Two Fingers!





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