Ok ladies lets go their! or lets get their and talk about it, lace front wigs giiiirlll! Ok I hope the purpose of any wig is to enhance or hide some drama underneath? but shade shade shade when the drama started a fight! Lace fronts in my opinion are a bit of a cop out, its like dropping a piece of clothing in a store and walking off like you don’t see it! Girl you know thats not your hair line! Look if you are going to do it, do it right! Don’t slap it on and go, it should at least take a solid 20 minuets to apply. Any how, you know how i feel, does anyone else have stories to tell???


2 thoughts on “LACE FRONT DRAMA 101!

  1. I love lace fronts and think anything you rock you should rock well and rock hard.. there are more than one way to sport a lace front. i myself cut my line very low to blend in with my own hair line. If you are good at placing your hair piece you can apply under 10 min just practice practice. Most important pick a piece that is you have fun with it. Hair is to be understood in order to look good!

  2. I have yet to find a cute lace front. Me personally, don’t do them. My preference is a sew in weave, or a quick weave. The no way girl dot com pic is hilarious lol,, pretty sure it’s the worst of the worst lace fronts to make it’s cameo on that site lol but hey, everyone doesn’t have the luxury to pursue a salon quality hairstyle and they think it’s cute as long as somebody is complementing them lol

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