Don’t lie to us Heffa/ Certificate of Authentication please 😊

Many may not know and understand the importance of providing proof of origin for their so called “human hair extensions”. It is valuable to take these precautions, because you can save valuable time and money. Were you aware that human hair distributors that solicit human hair from other countries must provide proof of authenticity? This is a fact stated here on this blog, soak it in and repeat after me! “Yes can you please supply your certificate of authentication , I must be able to see proof that this is really Peruvian hair from Peru” I mean if you do not mind spending $30 more for a title like you would for a purse or a pair of shoes because of a name go right ahead, I won’t stop you, but if your smart and beautiful use my quote! Much love you sexy divas 💋



Weave from around the world? Can you even tell?


With so many different types of hair weave, how can you possibly tell which is which? Some May claim that they can tell the difference, but how would you really know? So many questions about this topic, maybe you really don’t care? But did you know that some types of “hair”cost more? This could become an issue. Further research will be conduced on this topic! The truth will be revealed boo!🙌



Ok ladies lets go their! or lets get their and talk about it, lace front wigs giiiirlll! Ok I hope the purpose of any wig is to enhance or hide some drama underneath? but shade shade shade when the drama started a fight! Lace fronts in my opinion are a bit of a cop out, its like dropping a piece of clothing in a store and walking off like you don’t see it! Girl you know thats not your hair line! Look if you are going to do it, do it right! Don’t slap it on and go, it should at least take a solid 20 minuets to apply. Any how, you know how i feel, does anyone else have stories to tell???